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Kind Words :

“When I first started taking yoga classes with Nancy in her home studio, large enough for only 4, the soft summer evening light would filter thru the partially open blinds, the scent of flowers and the rustle of leaves carried gentle on the air. Candle flicker signalled Savasana. Nancy would ask who present would like a blanket and after only a moment of restraint her middle age male students, perhaps surprising even themselves, whispered ‘yes thanks Nancy’ into the magic of the room. A blanket would be shaken out, lingering above the bodies splayed in the pose of the dead, lowering and landing softly over graceful bones. Soft adjustment to tuck in these splayed limbs gave rise to memory of smaller selves. moth breath thanks, mother hands tucking line dried sheets over play worn selves, fresh from the bath, ready for the sleep of the innocent.”  —  - Anne

Nancy skillfully eliminated my knee pain in one session. Her unique teaching of yoga is augmented by her vast knowledge of the body & the ability to help it heal. I recommend a yoga therapy session with Nancy for anyone who wants the best that yoga has to offer."

 Naomi Cohen, Toronto ( retired yoga teacher)

"Nancy takes us through the practice of yoga with such tenderness and clarity. Nancy's classes have enhanced the way I feel about my body as well as made me more conscious of my overall health. She has consistently and patiently helped me to reach my potential in yoga! Nancy is a truly wonderful find!"

Sherry Wasserman

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